Parametric insurance: current scenario, and post-Covid outlook


Born as a solution for property catastrophe reinsurance, the application areas of parametric insurance have rapidly expanded into different lines of business such as agriculture, weather-related risks and travel.

Parametric insurance is today widely considered one of the main trends that will define insurance in the next years, and today many insurers, reinsurers and insurtech start-ups have kicked-off or are going to kick-off projects in the parametric insurance area.

In this webinar we will take a look at:

• What has been done so far in parametric insurance: application areas, lessons learned, regulatory aspects

• The main insurance pain points parametric insurance can address, including protection gap and customers trust

• How insurers and insurtechs are exploring parametric insurance to tackle two of the biggest game changers phenomena in our era: Covid-19 and Global warming

• Presentation of the new Ins Tech London research on Parametric insurance

Click HERE to download the report of InsTech London on Parametric insurance