Reshaping Insurance Distribution

Parametric "Insurance-as-a-Service" revolutionized by autonomous technologies.

Our Mission

With the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses face unprecedented global challenges underscoring the critical need for transformative solutions in how insurance operates. OTONOMI is taking up that challenge with independent, performant and skillful technologies.

We’ve chosen flight delay as our first vertical implementation, and continue to build other use cases in the parametric coverage:  e.g. covid-compliance monitoring coverage, IoT and smart device protection, etc.

Our platform promotes the concept of autonomy in three areas of excellence:
1. Claim Automation
Our autonomous policies execute automatically
2. Predictive Analytics
Delay prediction for better
decision making
3. Risk Management
Dynamic portfolio pricing &
hedging solution

Claim Automation

Insurance claim resolutions have been a notorious source of frustration, wasting time and money for decades. Lack of transparency, never-ending revisions and manual interventions remain major roadblocks for the end-user, 89% of whom are never compensated for flight disruptions.

With OTONOMI, we've designed a new generation of "autonomous policies" that detect, activate and pay automatically. Our blockchain "smart contracts" enable fast, transparent, unbiased execution. No more unpaid delay compensation – you get refunded as you're supposed to.
1. Airspace traffic data is monitored in real-time.

2. Chainlink Oracle flight API adapters relay flight analytics to OTONOMI’s smart contracts.

3. Disruption events such as delays and cancellations automatically trigger our autonomous policies.

4. Compensation payments settle same day without ever filing a claim.

Predictive Analytics

We excel at sourcing, mining and structuring airport traffic and climate data to build unique, historical databases.
We bridge our Analytics with real-time flight APIs to dynamically refresh risk parameters.
We leverage our 20-year data series to train and test proprietary machine learning models and provide unique decision-making features to clients.

Risk Management

It’s time for some innovation in risk management.
Many companies find their "travel coverage" isn't worth the paper is printed on.

We empower you to self-identify inefficient travel patterns with simplicity and manage your risks with "1-click" coverage execution.

With OTONOMI, insurance claims become "hedging solutions", with tailor-made products to optimize cost-saving while minimizing trip disruptions.
Increase in Delay Refunds
Capital Recovered
Faster Policy Compensation

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OTONOMI provides a synchronous snapshot of your company’s flight KPIs. No need to maintain excel sheets to stay abreast of what’s important.


We’ve tapped into 6 critical industries to assemble a core team of resolute go-getters. Together, we represent over 120 years of experience in finance, insurance, blockchain, web/UX design, marketing, and security. Our comprehensive combination of skills allows us to optimize policy execution, customize pricing and diversify risk to preserve client and partner capital.