OTONOMI Team Interview Series: Meet Bertrand Leseigneur, Senior Product Marketing Manager

1. Who are you?

My name is Bertrand Leseigneur. Born and raised in France, I’m the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Otonomi. I’m the Veteran of the team.

After a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Paris Assas University, I started to work in a Retail Lab in Paris to help French retailers discover new technologies to manage stores , inform customers and innovative tools in the supply chain.

I moved to NY in 2009 and started my own consulting business in Retail technology and a few years later I met Yann Barbarroux, now CEO of Otonomi. And the rest is history….

2. Describe yourself with 4 words?

Multicultural, curious, calm, open-minded.

3. How did you change since you started OTONOMI?

I’ve been working on my own business for 6 years and I was doing everything by myself: marketing, website, accounting and of course the face to face meeting with my clients. When I started to work for Otonomi I had to learn again to work in a team.

The type of clients and partners Otonomi is working with is also very different, so I had to adapt to new demands, methods and sometimes vocabulary. Do you know what a “reefer” is in the logistics world?

4. Where will you be in 2 years?

I started to work for Yann Barbarroux and Otonomi, 2 years ago as a consultant. I’m now one of the first employees of Otonomi and I had the opportunity to see the company growing from an idea to a real business, raising money and attracting clients.

So I want to be part of this next phase where we will structure the company, develop our processes and distribute our policies.

It’s a very challenging time for Otonomi but I feel like it ‘s also very rewarding to be part of this adventure.

In 2 years, I hope to still be working for Otonomi to develop more projects and satisfy more clients.

5. What is your vision for the company?

I want to see Otonomi as the leader in Parametric Insurance in logistics and other industries.

6. What Does Success Look Like for the Company?

Success will be to see Otonomi distributing thousands of policies every day.

Success will be to be seen as a reference in the world of Parametric Insurance.

Success will also be to keep our team spirit: communication, originality, expertise and friendship.